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Analysis Laboratory

Autoclave :
Sterilization tools for demin water using bioaudit (plate count) of bacteria and yeast mold

Bio Audit tools :
These tools are provide to do bioaudit activity, determine bacteria count and yeast mold could and also ATP value of microorganism in an area

Micro Dispenser:
This tool is using to prepare exact demin water volume which using for plate count

Weighing Scale and High Speed Mixer:
It are using for sample analysis and laboratory test for new sample

This equipment use to incubate plate count media (petrifilm) within 2-3 days before the result could be read

Microorganism analysis equipment:
It are Hy-lite tools, ATP tool, Petrifilm for bacteria and yeast mold, ORP meter. These are as major supporting tools for microorganism analysis in order to successful of bioicide application program

Water analysis equipment:
This test kit using for analyzed water quality for water treatment. This test kit could use to determine Ca-hardness, Mg-hardness, Iron, Phosphate, Silica, etc.

Turbidity meter:
Turbidity is one of the important parameter for water quality, therefore we always provide this parameter to determine water quality

Free Chlorine meter:
Free chlorine value is very important to obstruct bacteria growth in water. This parameter always check for water treatment quality